Pimp My Banana

Another cool & crazy project we did under the watchful eye of photographer Andraz Blaznik. The featured editorial was shot for Dimension Magazine See the results and behind the scenes video.

It all started with a ˝what if˝ moment... As in what if we had a girl dressed up in a big yellow banana costume, put her alongside a pimp and make a serious shoot out of it. See the video above about how it all happened...

Photography by Andraz Blaznik, Models: Noelle Woosley, Tomas Bohinc, Make-up by Barbara Mensah, Assistants: Benjamin Rancic, Saso Filipovic, Video production by FunnyFarm Media




For the purposes of the video, a title scene was created with the name of the shoot - Pimp My Banana. Since the location is more or less covered by graffiti, that seemed like the obvious way to go. Since we were busy shooting & filming, making a piece of bespoke graffiti didn't fit in the daily schedule, so we went about creating one digitally:

digital graffiti
The finished digital graffiti

Making the 3D letters

Detail of finished title, along with drips, flares, diamonds and spots.