Slovenie Verte - the details

This niche Parisian tourist agency has turned to Funnyfarm Media to create a comprehensive design package, including the graphic identity, printed collateral and online presence, that would represent their core values of friendliness, simplicity and personal attention.

The end solution was quite comprehensive, as it contained everything from the initial sketches, through logo design, to various website layouts, a bespoke Facebook page, business cards and even vehicle sticker design. As the project has been set as open-ended, new elements are being added as the brand evolves further.

Phase 1: The sketch

Following a lengthy conversation at the office's Paris headquarters, this was one of the sketches that was produced to serve as a guide to what would become their website. The guidelines for the graphic identity that were also set out, and the desired brand personality crafted for the purpose.

Phase 2: Idenitity

logo variants

There was a definite wish of keeping the brand's existing friendly character. The logo had to be playful and friendly, while showcasing the brand's outdoorsy purpose and tie in some referential items. A tree was accepted as a core element, and several options were considered.

type choice

A choice of supporting typography was next. This was meant to further echo the brand values, while staying thoroughly legible. 

final logo and images

The final composition was the lone pine tree with a passing stream, and a handwritten font. Various versions have been prepared for different uses and sizes, but the core language is kept throughout. This includes a light grey background box with rounded corners and tapered sides.

Phase 3: Website

website evolution
The website was evolving alongside the identity. While the basic direction was set out from the very beginning, the details were being worked on to reflect the choices in the overall identity. Various options were tried for each part of the website until a clear picture began to emerge.

final web design

Eventually the final design was agreed upon for the main website. This was then transformed into a working prototype to iron out all the remaining creases and inevitable bugs that surfaced. The design reflects the tapered edges of boxes and choice of fonts, as the main image at the top of the page tapers inwards ever so slightly, along with the side boxes. The overall font was chosen for optimal legibility, and some of the title fonts, especially in the footer, have been transferred directly.

bespoke facebook page

A Facebook page followed shortly, which expanded the online presence of the agency into social media. To make the best use of the available virtual real-estate and gain the most followers, a bespoke landing page was created that reflected the design of the main website. Some CSS3 animations and interactivity was added for added effect.

Phase 4: Collateral

business card designs
The collateral printed items were designed in a consistent language to ensure a consistent identity throughout the agency's presence. The business cards feature a uniform front side with the contact details for each employee, while the back sides feature a selection of stunning imagery of their destinations.

vehicle sticker designs

This was then further expanded on to vehicle design and other areas as required.

Phase 5+

As this is an ongoing project, future elements may be added to this collection to reflect the growth of the agency.